Hard enduro adventure


This is a route for professional hobbyists who like the difficult tracks The muddy ride is exhausting, uphill through larger swollen rivers. You drive up the hill, about 80-110 km per day.

The landscape includes a dense forest withbeautiful nature and beautiful views of long mountain roads, ancient villages and rocky valleys, streamers, old trees and plants. Stones rocks and much, much more.

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  • 3 Persons   65 eur
  • 4 Persons   60 eur
  • 5-10 persons  45 eur
  • Accomodation  35 eur
  • Rent a moto  130 eur
  • All prices are per person


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            ⇐⇐ SOFT ENDURO                                                                                                                          EXTREME ENDURO ⇒⇒

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