About us

slikaEnduro adventure Istra is an organisation founded by Moto Klub “Žminj” in 2015 with purpose to spread enduro tours in Istria.

Our team consists of 5 members of which 3 of them are guides with over 6 years of experience in professional enduro ride, and of  manager and a mechanic.  Enduro paths are settled in the central Istria so you get many different terrain variety ( like routes set in middle of forest, rising into the hills, valley ones, rocky, muddy terrains…).slika

Tours can be organised  throughout the year and can last several days depending on which arrangement you want (3, 5 or 7 days). Rides are available all day.

We offer accomodation and hot meal.
see more in accomodation

Our enduro offers are valid only for groups with minimum 3 members.
You can also rent a motorcycle in our enduro team.

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